Doctor, Doctor is a hard rock power trio playing live and recording out of the Oakland / SF area of California. Its sound is diverse, influenced mostly by prog-, art-, and arena-rock bands such as Muse, Tool, Coheed and Cambria, and Journey, with a few pop, jazz, and EDM notes also sneaking in.

The band started as a duo in early 2020, when Alex Smoligovets and Adrian Morrison picked up some old instruments and started jamming together during the pandemic. After cutting their teeth on some covers, the guys started collaborating on their first original record, Panacea, a hard rock EP that came out in September 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

In 2022, following a series of shows around the Bay Area, the duo started working on their next release, Second Opinion, which came out in November 2023 and sees the band lean harder into the progressive elements of their sound. They were also joined by Karl Pfeifer on drums, who brings hard hits and an energy that Rob the Robot, their stage iPad, just didn’t quite match. Check out Second Opinion anywhere you stream music!


“Second Opinion” initially requires patience but is ultimately an experience that is really worth listening to, and in the end you just wish for a little more playing time or more songs.
Powermetal.de (original post in German)

‘Sequoia Requiem’ is a standout track in Doctor, Doctor’s repertoire, showcasing their ability to blend powerful guitar riffs with thought-provoking lyrics. … As they continue to make waves in the music scene, this band is certainly one to watch and listen to.
The Lions Ground

Closer ‘The Turtle’ kept playing in my head after a couple of spins. First thing that came to mind was the acoustic guitar play of Jimmy Page on Led Zep‘s classic Stairway To Heaven because of its bewitching resonance. And I’ll throw in another big name. Think Jethro Tull on a mellow moment.
Turn Up The Volume