Panacea EP releases on September 3!

Follow us on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1p1eU7ZBL6POW8tUuF8GpC Or check out our BandCamp: https://doctordoctorband.bandcamp.com/ We’re super excited to announce the September 3 release of our debut original EP, Panacea! Inspired by ’80s proto-prog and ’90s-2000s arena rock bands – with the dancier Smile and the more mellow Written Like a Poem thrown in as well – we hope Panacea EP releases on September 3!

We’ve got a pulse!

…And we’re finally launching our real website! We’ve been working hard on our debut EP, Panacea, which we’re aiming to drop this Summer. (Go check out the fantastic album art from our artist, Hicham, in the Music page.) Check back here for updates on that and on our live shows, which we’ll be bringing back We’ve got a pulse!